Why is there more Matter than Antimatter in the Universe? Theoretical Approaches and Observational Hints

Michael Ramsey-Musolf, Stephan Huber, Jing Shu and Björn Garbrecht pan to submit by September 30th, 2014, a proposal of the above name for a four-week workshop to MIAPP at Munich.

The Workshop goal is to advance our understanding of baryogenesis by bringing together researchers who are experts on BSM models, on the phenomenological signatures of these models and on the theoretical methods needed to describe the relevant early Universe particle physics. The outcome of the workshop will be beneficial to all these research areas, also beyond the core questions of baryogenesis. It will stimulate future work on this topic, motivate and direct experimental efforts.

If you are interested, please support us by sending an e-mail with the subject MIAPP to

Please include in the e-mail
  • a statement that you intend to stay for more than two weeks (ideally four, the longer the better, given the time horizon, you may understand this as tentative),
  • a list of the months, which would be best for you to attend (the series of programs typically ends by the end of September),
  • If you can make a short (about one sentence) statement why you think the workshop would be interesting and timely, please do so. We will include it in the proposal!

Thank you very much. We appreciate your help!